• 熊本県立済々黌高等学校

The second term has just started

   The second term started from today after longer summer vacation than last year. During a summer vacation, the string club and brass band club team advanced to the National high school arts festival and 11 students were commended.

   We'll have a new teacher, and two exchange students from Germany for the second term. The new teacher Mrs. Kaneko who has experience being the manager of the professional basketball team will be teaching both health and physical education. Marie , an international student who is going to learn in this school until July next year, speaks fluent English and gave us her self-introduction in Japanese, English and German fluently.

   At the opening ceremony the principal talked about the importance of learning on your own initiative through "being independent" and "knowing yourself". I took his speech as he wishes you become a wonderful person by overcoming challenges and growing.