SGH (Super Global High School)

 Seiseiko Senior High School was designated as a Super Global High School by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

 The project scheme is "The Development of Educational Programs to Cultivate 'Seiseitashi' , who will Lead the World with their Global Minds." In this project, the students in the SG class have been concerning themselves in two projects: SG Research Project and SG Communication Project.

 In SG Research Project, the students will do research on environmental issues. In the first year, the students are divided into several groups and each group does research on their environmental issues. In the second and third year, each student selects an environmental issue and does research on it by himself or herself. By the end of the year, the students finish writing their group's or their own thesis in English and make presentation about it in English.

 In SG Communication Project, the students do various activities in order to improve their English communication skills. In the first year, the students do some discussions and learn elementary skills of debate and presentation. In the second year, through newspapers, magazines, or lectures through various media, the students discuss the issues of the day and express their own ideas or opinions.

 Besides these main projects, the students make field trips in and outside Japan: to Minamata, Ritsumeikan Asian Pacific University in Oita prefecture, and Germany. The students have several lectures from professors or intellectuals outside school. Through these field trips and lectures, the students improve their knowledge about environmental problems.

 In the world of 'globalization,' it is essential to have global minds. Without them, no one could survive the eras to come and would achieve anything innovative. Seiseiko Senior High School have defined global minds which the students need to have as these attainments; International minds (interest in modern society and global view), Task setting and solving (critical mind and logical thinking), Communication ability (language ability and education), Critical thinking and creativity(expectation for innovation). In this SGH project, Seiseiko Senior High School is going to research and develop the novel educational program to foster 'Seiseitashi,' who will lead the world with their global minds.