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  • 1st August ~ 8th August SG students went to Australia in order to deepen their research on environmental issues.

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1st August ~ 8th August SG students went to Australia in order to deepen their research on environmental issues.



I felt what stood out most was that the number of Japanese people was very few compared to foreigners. Needless to say, we must live in a global society from now on. I felt strongly that this sort of experience is very important for living in such a society. (H・Y)


August 1.  Today is the first day of this trip. First, we went to Fukuoka airport.  We checked in ourselves. We had learned about checking in before this trip, but we were able to learn how to leave japan through this experience.

Second, we arrived at Singapore and waited for the next airplane to go to Perth.  This is my first time going abroad so everything was fun for me.  I felt very good talking with foreign people because they could understand the English that I pronounced.

At last, we arrived at Perth before 12 o'clock.  We were surprised by the lower temperature than Japan.  I would like to sleep early to prepare my body for tomorrow. (R・K)


I spent most of my time traveling from Japan to Australia on the first day.  I was sitting down, and everyone's face showed fatigue. I was able to spend a pleasant time inside the cabin, with  services such as in-flight meals which were better than I expected.  Since training will begin  from tomorrow, I would like to do my best. (H・H)









We worked for the first time in this research study.

We did two things; we visited Kings park and Curtin University.

First, we went to Kings park. This park is ten times as large as common parks in Japan. I was surprised that the area of this park is 400 ha. I was impressed by the beautiful view of the city of Perth from the corner of this park. There are no mountains in Perth, so I could see all the buildings from there.  And I noticed the improvement of the whole city.

Second, we went to Curtin University. I noticed that many people from various countries study at this university when I got off the bus. At the interaction, I was worried about misunderstanding, but I think I was able to relax.  I was overwhelmed by the large area of the university, but I saw that there are many useful facilities through filling out the worksheet.

After that, we met our own host families. I had some worries and expectations.   (S・S) 


 Today I went to Kings Park first. It was very spacious and had plenty of greenery and I could see a nice landscape overlooking the sea and the city. I also found a lot of similarities and differences between Japanese parks and Australian parks. I understood why Kings Park is loved by many people.  I realized the wonderfulness of nature. Next, I experienced a campus tour at Curtin University. There are a lot of buildings and a lot of cafes, with a vast area.  There are free rental bicycles where you can go anywhere in the university and a cold water machine that you can use to pour water for free if you bring a bottle.  I thought about the environment and thought it was very convenient. In the university, I felt that there were many personal computers that can log in anytime and anywhere, and ingenuity to encourage students' research.  The most surprising thing to me is that there are places for entertainment and places to relax.  For example, you can use bead cushions, play table tennis, hockey, and board games, and use hammock hotels in the open space for free.  I think that this is a big difference compared with Japanese universities.  I met my host family for the first time in the evening. After I got home, I practiced running with my host sister and father, I drew a picture with Japanese stationery, folded origami and enjoyed it very much.  Also my host father and host mother were very kind and taught me various things.  I had a lot of conversations.  I want to have more fun from now. (S・T)


 Today, I had a good time. The classes and activities at Curtin University in the morning were conversations with foreign students for the first time after we had been to APUFirstly, I could not do conversation wellbut we practiced with each other,  so I was able to communicate with them In the activities, we could solve the assignment together while talking with foreign students.  I was surprised that undergraduates read the books on hammocks, and the university has many books.  Finally, I met my host family.  When I tried to help them, they said, "You are a good boy."  I was glad to hear that. (T・K)

2日目 (2).JPG










2日目 .JPG









Today, we had English classes in the morning and interacted with local high school students in the afternoon.

In English classes, we learned and practiced phrases of conversation that can be used with our host family. I have learned grammar, but I could not use it out at once.  I thought I have to study English and improve my English.  Also I wanted to use the phrase I learned today in the conversation with my host family. In the afternoon, I presented about my research and asked about 3Rs(Recycle/Reduce/Reuse) they do.  When I was presenting my research, I couldn't tell it well because the shape of tombs is different in Japan and Australia.  So, it was difficult for me to explain about the Japanese tomb.  Also I was frustrated because I couldn't use words that I had forgotten.  And I explained about the earthquake using a photograph because local high school students have never experienced earthquakes. So it took more time than I imagined to explain the Kumamoto earthquake.  I was very tired of talking with local high school students because I had to focus on listening to English.  But I could learn many different things between Japan and Australia and I had a good time there.

After school, I went to a facility where we could play on a trampoline with two friends of my host sister.  I was surprised to hear that playing on the trampoline is very common in Australia.  My host family's house also has a trampoline. I felt it is very familiar to them.  I'm glad to have such a valuable experience. It was a day when my head and body were fully active. (H・F)


  I was dropped off at Curtin university after my host mother who I met yesterday and I confirmed the time.  In addition, she prepared a sandwich, an apple and some snacks for my lunch!

In the morning, I received English lessons with Ms.Glenis in Curtin.  We confirmed the main point of the meeting with local high school students.  This lessons immediately could be used in our lives.  I learned that we don't misrepresent things I don't know, it was important to understand that.

We went to Dancraig high school from Curtin university. I got nervous because I could not speak English well to the students.  However, they answered my questions in my study.  I had a great experience.  In the afternoon, we sat at the table and had lunch. We enjoyed our time.  Today, I experienced kindness and warmth from the people in Perth. To tell my idea using English is very difficult, but I think acting positively can improve my communication. (H・M)


 Today's activity : English lessons, exchange of ideas

With my host family we went to the city library and saw books and videos from Japan.  But it didn't have a lot of Japanese in them.  We went to the supermarket near the library. Because some stores in Perth are always closed early, we can buy things late only on Thursday.  I ate fish and chips.  That was very big and delicious!

In the supermarket, everything came in a large amount.  I was surprised because the size is completely different from Japan.  Also, the escalator was not a stair type but a slope type, so it was easy after shopping.    The most important thing I want to talk about is high school students in Perth.  They told me fast when they didn't understand my English.   I think that Australian high school students seem to be interested in how to express themselves rather than care about the surrounding eyes and evaluation, which is different from Japanese students.  Also, whenever I ask about social and local environments, I always have their own opinion. It is one of the things that I felt especially as having performance-based principles and firmly holding their opinion. (A・N)


 Today, I went to a high school in Perth and asked a question. In spite of not being able to speak English very well, I showed the question on paper and asked them to answer.  When answering, they talked slowly using simple English to make it easy to understand, but their conversation was very fast and I could hardly catch on. What I learned today is that the pronunciation of words is hard to learn unless we actually pronounce and talk, and the English that I usually hear in Japan is totally different from the real everyday conversation in the speed.  I would like to do my best to make me understood as much as possible during this homestay. (K・G)










After learning about communication at the homestay and practicing with each other, we headed for Perth City training.  Almost everything such as buildings, people, vehicles, and scenery, seen from the bus window on the way was very different from Japan. Starting from the symbol of the city, we traveled around Perth City under the guidance of college students in a group of 5 people.

The first impression of exploring is that the city itself is art. It was colorful, decorated and painted everywhere. My group had quite a fulfilling time by eating ice cream and buying souvenirs.    After returning home, I told my host family about this day and they taught me more about Perth.(S・M)


 Today is the fourth day of this trip.  Before noon, we had an English class and studied about Rottonest Island.  What Ms.Glenis said in the class was,"Think about the situation with your host family and be able to talk to them with using many different words, as many as you can." That was very difficult for me, but the class was fun.   In the next class, we studied about Rottonest Island.  But I had many questions about it, so I would like to ask to the guide of tomorrow's visit.   At last, in the afternoon, we walked around the center of Perth city.  We could see many food shops, interesting art, and some pictures located in a museum.  We could have fun and prepare for the presentation of our last day.(R・K)


 I had an English lesson in the morning.  My teacher was very appreciative so that we could make our relationship better with our homestay.  I was taught everyday conversation.  In the afternoon, we had training in Perth City.  We were divided into three groups.  One university student was assigned to each group, and the group worked together.   After that, I went to the university and did activity with my host family.  I was looking forward to that day very much, because my host mother said we will go to the King's park tomorrow and eat steak."  King's park at night was different from it during the day and the night view was   beautiful.  I was really touched.    Australian restaurants are different from Japan, one way is that they throw food waste on the floor. The clerk laughed at me when I collected the peanut shell in the corner of the table.          I was hesitant, but I threw the garbage on the floor.  It was a day full of various discoveries.(K・N)


 This morning was an English lesson by Professor Glenis continuing from yesterday.  I was taught a useful phrase to use at the time of homestay.  It is very difficult to tell your host family what you want to say in English, so I would like to use as much as possible the expressions I learned this time.

In the afternoon I went around Perth City with college students.  It seems to be somewhat similar and different.  Speaking on the differences, there was a large recycling box that sometimes could be seen, a vertical direction countdown type signal machine, and a one-size food? There was a monument of a sphere like in Kumamoto in the center of the city.  They told the citizens to help when turning it, and they increased the spinning speed of the two. I enjoyed such communication very much. I also asked questions about the contents of the workbook on college students and the environment, but some of them were similar to those in Japan.  As I was involved with the people of the city this time, I noticed the Australians are commonly expressive and have a big reaction, I found it to be very friendly.  There is not much need to ask about the other 's feelings like in Japan, it is very easy to talk. I want to make efforts every day to express myself clearly.(T・K)










On August 5th, I was able to learn various things including how to think about the environment of Rottnest Island.  We made electricity with natural energy and converted seawater into fresh water with that electricity.  For example, an efficient method, such as using electricity generated during the day for desalination at night, is used.  Also, on Rottnest Island, many unusual animals living in Japan could not be seen.  Unlike the sea in Japan, the sea is transparent and very relaxing. (H・Y)

 Today we visited the Rottnest Islands.  First, we went to Fremantle Port to catch the ferry. There were very big ships. This was different from the Japanese port. When we arrived at Rottnest Island, I was surprised at the air and the roads were very beautiful.

In the morning, we learned about energy and environmental protection of Rottnest Island. In Rottnest Island, after planting plants, they were surrounded by knitted black plastic.  Also, there was a rule that we should not give food to animals in Rottnest Island.  Thanks to that, I thought that the beautiful scenery was kept. I also learned that Rottnest Island is a livable place.  There are places to camp, and 2,500 people can stay.

Also, I was surprised to know that they get 600 kW of electricity through wind power generation. Also, I learned that it was made from only windmills, and I was able to see how environmentally friendly it is.  When people sleep, energy created is not used.  So they use electricity to make clean water from sea water. I was surprised to hear that. I think that this policy of not wasting energy is amazing. After learning about it, we had lunch. When I was eating lunch, crows and quokka come.  A sandwich, my lunch, was stolen by a crow. But I think that this can be experienced only in Rottnest Island, where animals are friendly.

After lunch, we cycled to see solar panels.  Although they are not used yet, it seems they will be used next year. They are very big. I wanted to visit Rottnest Island, which is environmentally friendly, again.

After that, we had free time so I went to the beach with my friends. Sand grains were very small and water was clean and beautiful. I was surprised that time passed quickly while enjoying the view. It was a good time.

After I went back to my host family's house, I talked about Rottnest Island with my host family a lot. We talked about sightseeing spots I didn't visit in Rottnest Island. When I visit there next time, I want to go there.

I learned a lot about environmental protection and energy. I had a good time. (H・F)


 We studied about the environment at Rottnest Island all day.

We learned how this island became an eco island with the guide of the island in the morning. I was especially surprised at the desalination plant.  The water shortage is troubling people who live in Australia. Lakes which are on the island contain a lot of salt, so they need the technology of changing sea water into fresh water.  In Japan, we can get enough fresh water from rivers. But now, climate changes can happen anywhere.  And we use much water to live.  So there is nothing to tell when we cannot get water.  I thought the solution for water shortage is the desalination plant.

There are a lot of places to enjoy getting close to nature.  For example, I saw an indigenous species; Quokkas, and beautiful landscapes.

And, I could learn the history of Rottnest Island between two wars. (S・S)


 On August 5th, I had bread and cereal for breakfast I ate.  Bread with an Australian peculiar jam called "vegymite" instead of a jam.  I cannot say that it was very delicious, but I think that it was good because I could try the taste that I cannot eat in Japan.

Well, Rotnest Island is the main activity of the day.   When Dorian adventurer William discovered this island, he saw the island's unique animal Quokka, a big rat.  It is said that it has lots of things so it will be called "Rotten nest."  There is a wind farm in the island, and it is said that it generates 30% of its electricity.  I thought that it is environmentally friendly in that it uses renewable energy.  In addition, 90% of the water on the island is procured from seawater, and I thought that the idea is not implemented in Japan.  I realized that Japan is truly a blessed country. In addition, the wind power plant mentioned above transmitted electricity at nighttime to a facility that extracts salt from seawater, and it is efficient.

Also, there are unique animals such as Quokka, on the island, and it seems that people are trying to protect them.  For example, if you feed or touch wild animals,  you will be fined.

As the whole island, is a resort area, stores were closed due to the off season, but I could imagine that it would be a great place in the summer. There was a more beautiful beach, and I was fascinated by the beautiful Indian Ocean spreading everywhere. (S・T)










I spent the day with my host family.

First of all, I went to see Aston's Australian football game.  It is a very dangerous sport that I could not believe an elementary school student would play and I was excited about seeing it, but children who won the game were very happy and so was I.  After that, we did our shopping.

I talked about Japanese food with my host mother.  She said noodle which I thought was cup noodles, but she was talking about ramen.  After that, we went to Fremantle Beach around 5 o'clock.  Although I wanted to swim, I could not swim because it was sunset.  It was a very beautiful beach with no garbage.  I was happy because I could spend a wonderful time with my host family.  I felt the day felt very short. (K・N)


 Today was the last day when I could stay with my host family.  In the morning, we bought souvenirs for my family.  For example, I bought a strap, cap, jacket, and so on.  In the afternoon, we cerebrated Aaliyah's birthday.  She became 5 years old.  We ate lamb, chicken, pork, and mushrooms for dinner.  All the food had a little strong taste, but I could feel that my host mother devoted love to Aaliyah when I saw her cooking very hard.

Thank you for the willingness to accept me!  I'll never forget these memories! (T・K) 


 Today, I was with my host family all day.  My host family was very kind, and I went shopping in the morning. Also, in the afternoon, we spent time preparing for the presentation tomorrow. Finally, tomorrow we will go to a mountain for training, so I want to make a good presentation. (H・H)


Today, I had a free time all day with my host mother, father, and brother.  I went shopping in the morning.  After that, I went to a nearby fancy shop.  For lunch, I ate fried fish, fried potatoes, and salad with chili sauce.  The Chili sauce was slightly sweet, and it was delicious enough to bring back to Japan.  The drink I bought was a cup of tea.  Australian tea was sweet, but I thought that sweet is not bad.  I went to the beach in the afternoon.  Suddenly, I heard that there were pelicans from my host brother, and when I looked there were two large pelicans walking. After that, I played soccer with my host brother.  And then I came back.  The thing I noticed today is that nature and people coexist in Australia, unlike in Japan.  Humans and animals could see each other in various places without harming each other.  I thought that Japanese people should coexist with animals without harming each other like in Australia.(K・G)










I had to say goodbye to my host family this morning.  I enjoyed the last time with my host family.  When I said goodbye to them, I was very happy because my host family said "I had a good time" and hugged me.  Thanks to my host mother and father who used easy English and spoke clearly, I enjoyed chatting a lot, so I'm grateful to them.  The memory of playing with my host sister will be a lifetime treasure.  It became a valuable homestay that I will not forget.

In the morning, we did presentations.  I was the first presenter, so I was really nervous. Although I was not very good at speaking in front of people, I was able to make a presentation with awareness of eye contact, the loudness of my voice, and ease of listening.  Through this program, I gained confidence as well as improving my English skills and communication skills, my ability to act positively and thinking. It was a fulfilling week.

I got on the plane in the evening.  I enjoyed talking about what I experienced at each homestay and what was interesting.  I will try to pay attention until tomorrow so that I can finish this training safely.(S・T)


Today is the last day. I shared my memories with my friends in Perth.  Of course I did it in English.  I was able to find good points of Perth and experience many events.  Also, I could spend time with the host family talking about various things.  I thought that I would be away from Perth soon and feel sad.

After that, we made a presentation. The classmates' presentations were very good, so I thought they had a good time in Australia.  Also, I did my best for my presentation.

After all the programs finished, a thing happened which I can't forget.  I got lost in the college!  I asked five students, "Did you see any Japanese students?"  But their answer was "No".  After a while, I was found by my friend.  So eventually I was able to get to the destination.  Everyone was very worried about me, so I regretted being lost and was embarrassed a bit.  After this, I got much more careful until the trip ended.  Anyway now I can say that I had a good experience!(T・K)


 Today was a farewell day with my host family. In the morning, after I got to the university, all I had to do was do my presentation and return home.  I used public transportation when I went to the university instead of a private car, but today I used a taxi because I was moving with all my baggage.  It did not have a meter like a taxi in Japan or a camera attached, the driver was driving a normal car using a smart map from Google.  I was a bit uneasy. It was interesting, and unlike Japan.

In the presentation, 15 people were able to express information about Perth gained in the past week in an easy-to-understand manner.

Particularly, in regards to the separation of garbage that was common in the presentation, it is not whether burning or burning in Japan, it is easier to understand if sorting based on whether it can be recycled or not is possible, and it might be easier to approach the environmental impact.      I have never felt that a week has been so short.  I thought that I was a very happy person with a very valuable experience. (A・N)


 August 7th.  The next day, we will fly home, so it turned out to be the last day for activity.

Early in the morning, I parted with my host families who have taken care of me until then.  I think that it was a really meaningful and wonderful homestay.  After all the farewells, I came to the presentation, which is the last round at Curtin University.  Everyone announced that Perth is a livable city.  Also, everyone has become better than they were before in Japan.  Thanks to Professor Glenis, the English teacher, eye contact during presentations was very good.  I would like to make use of this experience in Japan.  I think it will be useful when presenting in front of a lot of people.  I was really able to present it.  After all, was it because I was immersed in Western culture for a week?

And after the presentation was over, I was ready to part with the people who took care of me at Curtin University, and I was ready to return to Japan.  It was a valuable experience, and there were many people who were new to taking a long flight.

To Mr. Morita, the tour guide staff, local guides, and colleagues who have finished the training together, I would like to tell them "Thank you." (S・T)










 We spent this day at Changi International Airport in Singapore.  I finished all the training in Australia and went back to Japan safely, but I was worried a bit because Mr. Morita got me a tense feeling.  When I boarded the airplane the interior was black.  I thought that I had to sleep, so I shrunk and slept.  Next time I woke up and it was morning.  The breakfast was quite delicious.

The moment I arrived at Fukuoka airport and went outdoors, I remembered that I felt both happy and sad "Ah, Japan."

These 8 days were very fulfilling and there was a lot to learn.  I will not forget that this was made only with the support of many people, and I would like to make use of this trip for my future life.(S・M)


  I passed the sun by plane for the first time.  I thought I would sleep in the plane to Fukuoka Airport because I was awake in Singapore Airport.  However, I fought my sleepiness with friends to see the sunrise.  The effort was rewarded, and we saw a beautiful sunrise.  It was sad for me to leave Australia because this week was fulfilling for me.

I sent some mail to my host mother when I reached Japan.  Then, I was given her reply mail, and I almost cried.  I thought I must study English to meet my host family again.

I feel this experience expanded our horizons and connects with our dreams. I share my memories and what I have learned with thanks to my parents and teachers. (H・M)




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