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The first-year students (411 students in all) went on a school excursion from November 29th through December 3rd. 

November 29th (Cloudy and occasional rain)                         

We were divided into each class on the first day and visited sightseeing spots in Kansai.  Class 1-9 went to the foreigners' quarter in Kitano Town in Kobe and visited Kazamidori-no-yakata, which was built in 1909 for G. Thomas, a German trader, and is the only brick-constructed immigrant building in existence in Kitano. 

   (Kobe Port Tower)       





November 30th (Clear skies)

We were divided into groups and visited many sightseeing spots in Kyoto.  I went to Ryoan-ji Temple and Kitano-tenmangu Shrine

The rock garden in Ryoan-ji Temple does not have any plants; instead, it is surrounded by a fence and uses only white sand and 15 stone configurations.  There have been various theories on the interpretation of this design.  When Britain's Queen Elizabeth II made an official visit to Japan in 1975, she made a request to visit the rock garden. Foreign media reported that the Queen highly acclaimed the rock garden.

Kitano-tenmangu Shrine, Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, and Osaka Tenmangu Shrine are referred to as the Three Great Tenjins of Japan.  The general headquarters, Kitano-enmangu Shrine was built by the Imperial Court on Ukon no Baba (a riding ground) of which Michizane was particulary found in order to appease his vengeful spirit.  Here I bought many pencils as souvenirs for some university entrance examinees.  


                                     (Ryoan-ji Temple)


When the spring wind blows,            東風ふかば           

Send me your scent on the wind.          匂いおこせよ

My dear plum blossoms,                         梅の花

Never forget spring                                 主なしとて

Even without your master.                       春を忘るな

December 1  (Rainy and later sunny)

We traveled from Kyoto to Tokyo and visited the campuses of Tokyo University and Waseda University.  Our students met some

graduates of our school and received advice on high school life and university entrance exams.  Our students were amazed at the effort of their seniors and decided that they would look up to them as role models and do their best in order to be good at both sports and studies.  In addition, there were many students who said they wanted to go to Waseda University or Tokyo University, and they were surprised at the size of the campuses of both universities.

           (Yasuda lecture hall at Tokyo University)


                         (Kanda Business Center)


           (A bronze statue of Mr. Shigenobu Okuma)


                (A photo taken with their senior)

December 2  (Clear skies)

We were divided into groups and visited many sightseeing spots in Tokyo.  I went to Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Station, completed in 1914, is one of the few significant examples of early-20th-century architecture left in Tokyo, let alone Japan.


It was built when Japan was emerging as a major world power.  The brick-fronted structure was reopened to much fanfare in October, 2012 after a 50 billion yen ($625 million) renovation project.  The construction work on the 1,000-foot long station reinforced its stability against earthquakes, restored the original roofline, and created a new Tokyo Station Hotel, one of the city's most luxurious hotels.

December 3  (Clear skies)

We took a walk through Ueno-koen Park and Odaiba.

At Ueno, students went to Ueno Zoo, the National Science Museum, or the National Museum of Western Art.  Some of us visited the Ueno Royal museum.  I particularly liked the painting, "The Window", which was drawn by Henri Matisse.


              (The Ueno Royal Museum)

According to the story of a bus tour conductor, Ieyasu Tokugawa was said to have filled up the sea with land to place some cannons, but the land is now a famous sightseeing spot.  We observed the studio inside Fuji TV and enjoyed the scenery of the Tokyo Bay Bank.  Because Odaiba was our last stop we took many souvenir photos everywhere.  Students appeared sad to leave Tokyo.




For those five days, we were lucky to have nice weather, as we learned the history of Kyoto and came into contact with the culture of the capital city, Tokyo.  We would like to thank parents and all of the Hankyu travel agencies.


           (Disbandment Ceremony at Haneda Airport




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