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The Opening Ceremony of the Second Term


 On September 25th, after a shorter summer vacation than usual, we held the second semester opening ceremony earlier than planned due to the Kumamoto Earthquake. 

    Before the opening ceremony, our students attended the awards ceremony.  You can view the students who received an official commendation from the *PDF.

    In the opening ceremony, Mr. Kawakami, our principal, said to our students that the second semester is the time when they should obtain excellent results on both the school events and their studies, and that they need to prepare well in order to achieve positive results. He conveyed the importance of preparation, quoting poetry by Misuzu Kaneko and a book written by P. F. Drucker.

    We hope the students will prepare for this semester so that they can enrich their lives and develop as a person.


*PDF = It contains the list of students who received official commendation

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