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S.A.P. Social Action Program (an annual program for the first graders)


All the first graders had a work experience day at hospitals, gas stations, banks, facilities for the elderly, TV stations, recycling companies, etc. during their summer vacation (from August 2nd to August 22nd).  People at those places kindly taught our students everything they needed to know when they were at work.  It seems that they have learned what it is like to have a job and work in a society.

We really appreciate what those concerned generously did for our students.


(From students' reports)

・I have learned various things through this program.  By talking to and interacting with people, I had an invaluable experience.  From now on, I should be considerate to others and I am going to make others feel good, which in turn will make myself happy.

・The people who worked there were very nice and earnest, and I thought they were remarkable.  That's because they were doing their jobs for other people in an eager way.  I'd like to be positive and active like them in the future.

・I realized that "working" has a significant meaning in life.  It is true they are very busy and the tasks they have to do are very complicated, but what they do is required for other people.  I had a chance to talk with and ask questions to the people there and I learned various new ways of thinking about their jobs and how to do their jobs.  I also had a chance to think about my parents and thank them.

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