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A course lecture for the first grade


We had a course lecture in the gymnasium.  First, the chief of the first grade reported about the students' condition. Then, Mr. Shinohara, who is the director of the Environmental Center of Kumamoto Prefecture, gave a lecture.  Its title was "The Generation of the Human Race and Environmental Issues."

Mr. Shinohara is a professor emeritus of Kumamoto Prefecture University.  In his speech, he talked about how we were born from the universe and live on the planet.  We were moved by the grandeur of his speech.

I was also impressed by what he word: "We, humans, are said to have been born on the miracle planet and have evolved.  Therefore, we have to cherish it as our own." 

Now, we are facing many different problems and we have to overcome them step by step.  Through his speech, I hope students withstand the trials of life and achieve their goals in their life.

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