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The 68th Graduation Ceremony


We were happy to hold the 68th graduation ceremony. 404 students have graduated with their parents' and guests' attendance.

In the ceremony, on behalf of all the underclassmen, the chief of the managing committee, Ms. Tsunematsu gave an honest and determined farewell message saying "I felt that the presence of graduates was big.  From now on, we need to lead Seiseiko High School".

On behalf of the graduates, Ms. Honda gave a speech saying that three years have passed very fast, and that she will always look back at those three years with gratitude for her family's support. The head teacher of the third grade gave a speech saying that if you keep trying, even if it happens slowly, you can surely achieve things that you think are impossible. That also encouraged the graduates.

The principle gave a speech about being modest, being stoic and being generous by quoting the school song and the three school mottos. His speech gave the students an opportunity to rethink their life.

We hope that the graduates will continue to do their best and contribute to the "new era", and that the messages that they received today will stay in their hearts.


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