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An anniversary of foundation celebration


An anniversary of foundation celebration was carried out.

We invited Professor Nakamura of Tokyo University Institute of Social Science to give us a lecture titled "the pleasure of the history study".

Since he was a graduate of this school and also successful in tennis club, students looked interested in his story.

We learned much from his story which focused on the turning point in his life, and how he dealt with the difficulties he faced at that time. He told us that opportunities would come after overcoming the difficulties, but the question was how you used the opportunities.

I learned that the important thing is not only getting many opportunities but also making continuous effort to use the opportunities that come your way.

In addition, we were able to hear inspiring stories which we can't normally hear. We realized that history becomes more interesting through the study of history, and that people who are leaders need to study history because no matter what field one pursues, one can always lean and benefit from learning history.

After the lecture, Matsumoto, a second grader expressed to professor Nakamura his new determination by saying "When we face difficulties, we will also make an effort and challenge them to overcome like you do".  I assume that there are many students who were also inspired by his story and want to know more about the history of Seiseiko High School.


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