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An SG lecture


An SG lecture was given by Mr. Atsushi Saito, who is a graduate of this school, worked as a CEO of Japan KKR, Inc., and is now working as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of DEF Japan.

The title of the lecture was "How other countries see Japan. Based on his experience in NY, the economy, GDP, and how Japanese government debt fluctuates, he talked about the importance of thinking about the future of Japan.

He also talked about the importance of living with others who have various points of view, and look outside of Japan, by using the United States as an example of a country which embraces people with various values.

Moreover, he encouraged them to broaden their perspective and challenged them by saying, "Let's make friends around the world and get information. And in order to make friends, you need to have knowledge, your own moral values and value your history." We hope students will keep these messages in their heart, keep making effort and grow as global talents by having "Tough physical strength and intellect" which was mentioned earlier in the lecture.   

<Comments from a student 1>

It was a good chance for me to redefine what Japan is in the world. Japan accomplished rapid economic development, and I thought that Japan was a country which could continue being a rival to large countries such as the United States and China. But I felt like it might change in 10 to 20 years from now. I have never felt that in everyday life, but when we come to compare it with the world, I was surprised how much of a gap there is between them and Japan. I shouldn't think it's nothing to do with me because I am just a student,  but that I am willing to contribute myself to the global community to make Japan as "World Japan" in twenty years because it's us who support Japan this time. (Girl in the first grade)

<Comments from a student 2>

In today's lecture we heard about many things that became necessary through overseas experience and relationships with foreigners. It wound have been different to just go out into the world without hearing today's lecture.

Now, the gap between Japan and rapidly growing countries- China and the United States is getting bigger. And it's us who will be in trouble for not keeping up with other countries if we don't change from heavy industry to information industry.

If we think of it that way, we need to follow the example of Chinese activeness by removing the homesickness we tend to have when looking at the world. I'd like to go out to the world and learn new things. (Girl in the third grade)




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