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Lecture from various kinds of workplace for the first graders


      We are glad that we were able to hold the lecture according to occupation by the graduates from this high school who are in great parts of society.There were over 20 people from various occupations and students could hear precious lectures which they cannot usually hear.For the first graders, it was a significant opportunity to choose between art or science for their second year.

     There was a lecture titled "to become a global talented person who can survive in the society 30 years from now". Shiki Kurabe who is a Job Guidance Producer gave the lecture. The lecture was given from various angle including a sense of occupational value which students can relate to easily, the current situation in Japan, how high school students actually choose their job and so on. The lecture was so interesting that students listened to it until the end.

      In particular the keyword " Career Shock" made students think that they need to chose a job that they can work at wholeheartedly, not just special knowledge or a qualification that can feed them for the rest of their lives.We hope it will be a chance for the students to discuss their future with their family and make a decision they can be satisfied with. 



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