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Principal's Greeting

Welcome to the Seiseiko High School homepage.

Seiseiko High School was established in 1882 and originates from Doshingakusha established in 1879. Now it has been 132 years since this school was founded. During this time, a bright history and tradition have been built by the steady effort of graduates and students currently enrolled.

More than forty thousand students have graduated from Seiseiko Senior High School so far, many of whom have made a considerable contribution to many various fields in Japanese society, such as politics, economics, culture, academics, and athletics. They have been playing an active part not only in Japan but also in the world over!

Education policy                   

The three mottos of our school have been observed since the school was founded:

To have righteous relationships with family and society, contributing to the world peace and happiness of mankind with respect to Japanese history and tradition.

To hold honor and be full of vitality, based on Bushido spirit.

To have enthusiasm for scholarship and be internationally minded.

Based on the three mottos mentioned above, we adhere to our principles, enhance our personality and character, respect the spirit of the arts of pen and sword, and practice every educational activity steadily.

In raising a student, there are three things we aim to do:       

  1. To train students to be able to consider others and contribute to society.
  2. To train students to have strong and rich humanity physically and mentally.
  3. To train students to aim high and learn to be self motivated learners.

Seiseiko Senior High School was designated as a Super Global High School by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology appointed Seiseiko Senior High School as a SGH (Super Global High School) to raise global leaders. There are 56 schools which were chosen to be SGHs for five years including Oita Ueno High School, Miyazaki Gokase Junior High School and Seiseiko High School in Kyushu.  

Our project scheme is "the development of educational programs to cultivate Seiseitashi, who will lead the world with their global minds."

This demonstrates that we are aiming to train students to be global leaders.

Seiseiko's International objective for education are for students to have

1 International minds (interest in modern society and global viewpoints

Task setting and problem solving skills (having a critical mind and logical thinking)

Communication ability (language ability and education)

Critical thinking skills and creativityencouraging innovation

This "Seiseitashi " program is based on the two projects: "SF Reasearch Project" and "SG Communication Project"

For the "SG Research Project", students carry out research based on the theme of "Development which ensures the sustainability, and the ideal picture of protecting the global environment." In the "SG Communication Project", students are provided chances to improve their English communication skills by presenting and discussing their own opinions and their achievements in English. We hope "Seiseitashi " who will lead the world with their global minds will be raised through these two projects. I think this idea is an embodiment of this high school's three mottos which have never changed in 132 years.

Great results from Seiseiko High School's good tradition after graduation

Results of university entrance exams in 2015 have been very good. Students passed exams of their chosen universities such as the National University of Medicine and the former Teikyo University, not to mention local universities.

Participation rates for club activities are over 90% since our school follows the spirit of being excellent both academically and in sports. Students' hard work in sports, culture, and school activities contributes to a good tradition.

We are going to make more effort to keep this place for students to have fruitful school lives without any concerns, and polish their humanity as global leaders, and make their dreams come true.